Spoiled Food Turns Into Beautiful Energy

Anaerobic Digestion Recycling

In the next advancement for the overwhelming food waste issue in the world, comes a new program from the surprising Kroger, Co. and their subsidiaries Ralphs and Food 4 Less.  At a 59-acre Compton distribution site, which serves 359 Southern California stores, the 40% of food that is produced but not sold is sent to be processed into clean energy!  Their technology, is known as an Anaerobic Digester System and it helps transform food unable to be donated or sold into clean electricity by dumping the food into a massive grinder including the cardboard and plastic packaging.

“From there, the mulch is piped into a 250,000-gallon staging tank before being steadily fed into a 2-million-gallon silo. The contraption essentially functions as a multi-story stomach.  Inside, devoid of oxygen, bacteria munch away on the liquid refuse, naturally converting it into methane gas. The gas, which floats to the top of the tank, is siphoned out to power three on-site turbine engines. The 13 million kilowatt-hours of electricity they produce per year could power more than 2,000 California homes over the period, according to Kroger. Excess water from the digester is pumped out, purified and sent into the industrial sewer. Leftover sludge becomes nutrient-rich organic fertilizer, enough to nourish 8,000 acres of soil.”

Wow!  We’re sold and have a new found respect for Kroger in leading the way on this new technology to help solve 2 major issues.  You can read more over at the LA Times.

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