Small Space Gardening

Small Space Gardening

Container gardens are a great way to use a small space to grow your own vegetables.  When selecting what crops you will grow, consideration must be given to the amount of space a particular crop will need.

We recommend something not too difficult to start out with such as a “Bush Delicata” Squash.  It is really easy to grow and you can save the seeds for the following year.  Other good choices are the “Compatto” Dill, “Green Tiger” Zucchini and “Totem” Tomatoes.

Vertical gardening or using hanging baskets are other good ways to garden in a small space.  If you are really new to gardening, try leafy vegetables such as  lettuce, spinach, chard or other greens.  They are very efficient as you can cut and use the outer leaves when needed while the plant continues to mature and produce. Just try not to forget the 25% rule. (Only cut 25% of your crop to allow continued growth.)

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