Mission Statements

We are in the business of providing wholesome comfort food at it’s highest quality. We offer local, sustainable and clean soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, ice cream, homemade items and beverages at an affordable price with maximum resource efficiency. While providing nutritious, wholesome and clean food to our local community, we strive to also bring positive improvement to the community while pursuing our own social, nutritional, economic, and environmental goals.

Social Mission:

We believe in operating as a transparent company committed to helping the livelihood, knowledge base and overall quality of our local community, as well as the general public. We aspire to educate, participate and improve every life we connect to with quality food, service, knowledge and heart.

Product Mission:

We take our time nurturing the food we make because we believe that extra care and thought is part of the fundamentals to a quality lifestyle. We work with farmers & suppliers who nurture the natural growth of their food to guarantee the most wholesome ingredients to our customers, right from the start.

We feel we can’t beat Mother Nature’s infinite wisdom, so we start our food by finding wholesome, natural, sustainable and local ingredients. We source organic whenever possible, prefer grass fed & pasture raised meats, work with suppliers close to home and don’t allow hormones, pesticides or anything we can’t pronounce into our doors.

Environmental Mission:

We believe in taking immediate accountability for the environmental impacts we make on the world that we share with our fellow species and future generations. We make every effort to reduce our environmental footprint, by contributing to the acts of sustainability, recycling, composting and re-using. Our goal is to ultimately eliminate our waste entirely.

We only source from vendors who practice our same ideals of respecting the Earth, the environment and all those who live on it. We will lead by example, educate ourselves, as well as those around us and initiate action towards environmental improvement efforts that sustain the world we love.

Economic Mission:

It is in our full effort to maintain and reinvest into the philosophies we live by through the development of strategies that encourage business growth while reducing cost & waste and there-by creating independent and sustainable profitable growth.

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