Ice Cream

Organic small batch ice cream, made in-house. Seasonally made using the finest local ingredients.

$4 for 1 scoop or $7 for 2 scoops & served with your choice of either an organic waffle bowl or cone.

An ever changing menu of seasonally made ice cream is presented all the time.

Our opening month's selection is...

Avocado Salted Chocolate Chip

The subtle flavor of an avocado cream enhanced with savory chopped & roasted almonds and then balanced with salted chocolate chips.


Basil Strawberry Balsamic Bliss

Fresh crushed strawberries are made into a balsamic preserve and then swirled in a basil cream.


Honey-Rosemary Blue

Blue cheese lovers only. The incredibly intense flavor of Point Reyes blue cheese fills a wild honey cream and sprinkled throughout with fresh-cut rosemary.


Hot Chocolate

For the spicy lover, this fire and ice combines fair-trade dark cacao with whole red chili peppers.


Maple Bacon Chip

Nothing you have experienced before. Maple cream, candied bacon and salt & pepper kettle chips covered in fair-trade chocolate. Yes, we love America.


PB& J on Ice

The perfect combination becomes even more perfect. Fresh crushed strawberries and salted peanut butter in a vanilla cream.


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