Grilled Cheese

The art of the grilled cheese. Always served on local bread and using 100% California cheese. The happiest cows on earth make the best grilled cheese.

We bring you new ideas of seasonal grilled cheese all the time, so check back often for our latest.

$7 for a full sandwich or $5 for a half

Our opening month's selection is...

The Godfather

The basic grilled cheese updated to our standards. The cheese we choose for it changes all the time, but it is always served on Sourdough by Brian's Bread.


Bacon Jam

Cotswold cheese with our house-made bacon jam, sprinkled with fresh sliced green onions. Served on Sourdough by Brian’s Bread.


Baked potato

Cotswold cheese melted with bacon, smashed potato chips and fresh cut chives. Served on potato bread by House of Bread and then topped with sour cream and chives.


Good Morning Sunshine

Gouda with tomato, fresh cut Thyme & Parsley. Topped with a pastured raised fried egg, bacon and served on Sourdough by Brian’s Bread.



Cowgirl Creamery Brie melted with peanut butter & wild honey. Mashed cinnamon bananas are then spread on top. Served on Raisin Walnut by House of Bread


Point Reyes Blue

Point Reyes Blue Cheese & Mozzarella. Fresh cut sage & Wild Honey. On Raisin Walnut bread provided by House of Bread.



A cheese lovers, grilled cheese on vacation. Ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and gorgonzola. Served on a Parmesan crusted Sourdough by Brian's Bread.


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