The bonus level! We love that feeling of adding that little extra oomph to our food, so we offer plenty of oomph for yours.

Cheese Blanket - $3

A melted layer of cheddar cheese poured over any sandwich of your choice.


Bacon Jam - $2

A savory & sweet down-home jamsplosion of flavor. Bacon, onion & sugar are mixed with bacon and then topped with bacon. You think we love bacon or something?


Sandwich Toppers - $2

Add organic bacon, house-made pesto or a pastured raised fried egg to any sandwich.


Free Pickles

Free.. yes we said free.. pickles! We make homemade pickles and just love them so much we want to share. Don’t worry about carrying them out in your arms, we offer them for sale by the jar for $5.


Topped or Topless

Feel free to have our soups with toppings or without! We won’t take offense!


Delivery available to all Cambrian residents and visitors!

We’ll come out to you on those cold and cuddly nights and bring you a nice warm blanket of soup. Or go have that beach party at moonstone and we’ll even bring a picnic pack out there to you!

Reaching from the 46 to the edge of San Simeon. $15 minimum purchase.


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