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Spoiled Food Turns Into Beautiful Energy

Anaerobic Digestion Recycling

In the next advancement for the overwhelming food waste issue in the world, comes a new program from the surprising Kroger, Co. and their subsidiaries Ralphs and Food 4 Less.  At a 59-acre Compton distribution site, which serves 359 Southern California stores, the 40% of food that is produced but not sold is sent to be processed into clean energy!  Their technology, is known as an Anaerobic Digester System and it helps transform food unable to be donated or sold into clean electricity by dumping the food into a massive grinder including the cardboard and plastic packaging.

6 Habits to Prevent Food Waste

Love Food Hate Waste

Last week we posted about how much food the world actually wastes and how simply it can be prevented.  This week we found a great article from TheKitchn that provides some very helpful habits that can help you prevent food waste.  Within each habit, they also offer further articles to read that can help you develop those habits!  Good job TheKitchn!

Here are the habits but check out the article for further research!

Homemade Shrimp Stock

Shrimp Stock

Last month when we made our Jambalaya, we had leftover shrimp shells and tails from our fresh shrimp. And instead of throwing them out, we figured, lets make some shrimp stock!

Up Your Nutrition & Your Budget

Vegetable Peels

There are so many alternative ways to be sustainable…and what better way to be sustainable than practicing it with good health and budget in mind.

Next time you’re making a meal, think twice before you decide on throwing out the skins, stems, peels or leafy tops of your fruits and vegetables. You can actually power up your diet by using them as healthy extras to add to your favorite recipes.  By adding these ingredients, your meals will provide a lot of extra nutrients while adding that extra meal/day to allow you to  stretch out your food budget .

Try these tips that we do everyday…

10-year-old Entrepreneur Runs a Business Collecting Recyclables on His Bike


This article has everything we hold dear!  Small business, check; recycling, check; staying local, check; using sustainable transportation, check; giving to charity, check; adorableness, double check!

Up Cycle Your Food Scraps

Up Cycle

It is easy to up cycle some of your food scraps.  Several odds and ends you might toss can be re-grown into more food.

Try to up scale with the following foods…

Save The Seeds!

Saving Seeds
We save seeds for a number of reasons…whether they be for sustainability practices, saving money, or emergency events that allows us to live on our own food without depending on anyone else. But overall, the feeling that you get from watching your plant grow from saved seed to vegetable is one of the most gratifying feelings out there. It makes you truly appreciate every bite you eat. When you get a chance, check out these seven reasons why to save your seeds.