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6 Habits to Prevent Food Waste

Love Food Hate Waste

Last week we posted about how much food the world actually wastes and how simply it can be prevented.  This week we found a great article from TheKitchn that provides some very helpful habits that can help you prevent food waste.  Within each habit, they also offer further articles to read that can help you develop those habits!  Good job TheKitchn!

Here are the habits but check out the article for further research!

10-year-old Entrepreneur Runs a Business Collecting Recyclables on His Bike


This article has everything we hold dear!  Small business, check; recycling, check; staying local, check; using sustainable transportation, check; giving to charity, check; adorableness, double check!

Local, Local, Local

Eat Local

Talk of local food is everywhere. But what does it mean? How local is local?  While local is certainly a flexible term, the basic concept is simple: local foods are produced as close to home as possible. Buying local supports a more sustainable food system because true sustainability goes beyond the methods used in food production to include every step that brings food from farm to plate.  We pledge to support California farmers concentrating on the Central Coast producers of organic products.

Local Farm to Table

Farm to Table

The local food movement is gaining momentum.  Seasonal menus based on what is available at peak harvest, is the most flavorful and healthful way to eat.  Supporting local farms, to obtain the freshest ingredients, connects us to eating and cooking what is locally grown. This philosophy has been practiced for thousands of years and is now at the forefront of many eateries around the world.

Most fruits and vegetables travel approximately 1,500 miles before reaching your plate and lose essential nutrients in the process. While about 50% of all fruits and vegetables are imported from other countries, there are easy ways to eat locally and seasonal.

Five Reasons Why Urban Farming is the Most Important Movement of our Time

Urban Farming

We have two raised beds in our backyard and a water tank that collects rain water to constantly feed our vegetables and herbs. Seeing our plants grow from seed to entire vegetables, has been one of the most enjoyable experiences. And honestly there’s nothing more gratifying than going outside and picking out exactly what you need to make dinner for the night. Besides our personal pleasures, there are many benefits to planting a garden. Check out these Five Reasons Why Urban Farming is the Most Important Movement of our Time. 

How High Oil Prices Promote Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Oil

We’re not going to lie, even with a hybrid, we don’t get excited when gas prices hike up but there’s definitely a silver lining. As oil prices rise, it forces everyone to reconsider the status quo, particularly in agriculture.

Dumping Iron into the Ocean, to Save the Ocean?

Algae Bloom

Dumping iron into the ocean? Apparently, one man thinks it can create a massive algae bloom,  where eventually the algae absorbs carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis.  Seems legit?  Nope.. we’re still skeptical.