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Spoiled Food Turns Into Beautiful Energy

Anaerobic Digestion Recycling

In the next advancement for the overwhelming food waste issue in the world, comes a new program from the surprising Kroger, Co. and their subsidiaries Ralphs and Food 4 Less.  At a 59-acre Compton distribution site, which serves 359 Southern California stores, the 40% of food that is produced but not sold is sent to be processed into clean energy!  Their technology, is known as an Anaerobic Digester System and it helps transform food unable to be donated or sold into clean electricity by dumping the food into a massive grinder including the cardboard and plastic packaging.

Composting is great but re-using is even better! This time with Apples…

Apple Tea - Cambria Soup Company

We do love our composting for all the wonderful benefits over the T word.  What do we love even more?  Re-using!

It’s amazing when you discover that new idea to re-use something; like that feeling of seeing that hooziwatsit that you should of invented but you instead we all say.. “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Good things our friends over at theKitchn are smart friends and suggested this great use for apple peels!

Oakland students learn composting in cafeterias


At Lincoln elementary and nearly 50 other Oakland schools, the custodians, nutrition staff and faculty have banded together to use lunchtime as an opportunity to teach students how to compost. Their collaborative efforts are part of the Oakland Unified School District’s Green Gloves Program, a custodian-initiated effort to reduce the amount of waste schools produce during lunch.