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What’s Better Than Fresh Food? Fresh and Free Food!

Falling Fruit

Caleb Philips and Ethan Welty have launched an interactive map last month that identifies more than a half-million locations across the globe where fruits and veggies are free for the taking. The project, dubbed “Falling Fruit“, pinpoints all sorts of tasty trees in public parks, lining city streets and even hanging over fences all over the world.

Glean SLO

Glean SLO

We had an opportunity to support a worthy cause recently that helps support the local food pantries of San Luis Obispo County.

GleanSLO is a collaborative program of the San Luis Obispo Food Bank Coalition.  Their mission is to rescue (harvest) excess crops that cannot be harvested due to economics or weather conditions.  This is a win win situation for everyone involved; the volunteers can create partnerships and create harvesting events to support their community, the farmer’s excess produce goes to good use, and the food banks benefit from receiving the crops so that needy families are supported.  The program has recovered about 90,000 pounds of local, fresh produce over the last two years.

USDA Finalizes New Microloan Programs for Small Farmers


Yay!  More money for more small farms!  We’re hoping more pop-up around Central California so we can eat all that fresh new food!

Greener Restaurants Grow Their Own Food


Organic gardening takes time and effort and doing it successfully requires a passion and an investment of time that not every one has.  If you are looking to source local ingredients, but don’t have the space, time, or climate to do so successfully, contact local farmers and build relationships that will still save you money on food costs and allow you to make your meals more sustainable.  You might also settle on a combination of both methods, like growing herbs that are easy to tend to such as basil or cilantro while sourcing other ingredients that may require more effort and space, at local farmers markets.

Cambria Christmas Market

Cambria Christmas Market

This weekend we had the pleasure of checking out the very first annual Cambria Christmas Market! We were delightfully greeted with festive Christmas lights covering the venue from head to toe.

Save The Seeds!

Saving Seeds
We save seeds for a number of reasons…whether they be for sustainability practices, saving money, or emergency events that allows us to live on our own food without depending on anyone else. But overall, the feeling that you get from watching your plant grow from saved seed to vegetable is one of the most gratifying feelings out there. It makes you truly appreciate every bite you eat. When you get a chance, check out these seven reasons why to save your seeds.