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Small Space Gardening

Small Space Gardening

Container gardens are a great way to use a small space to grow your own vegetables.  When selecting what crops you will grow, consideration must be given to the amount of space a particular crop will need.

What’s Better Than Fresh Food? Fresh and Free Food!

Falling Fruit

Caleb Philips and Ethan Welty have launched an interactive map last month that identifies more than a half-million locations across the globe where fruits and veggies are free for the taking. The project, dubbed “Falling Fruit“, pinpoints all sorts of tasty trees in public parks, lining city streets and even hanging over fences all over the world.

Radishes are Rad

Rad Radish

One of the easiest and fastest growing vegetable is the radish.  We recommend planting in early spring so you can savor your harvest in about 4-6 weeks.

Radish greens are also edible and very tasty.  They are part bitter and part peppery and are high in calcium and other nutrients. They provide  a very good source of anti-oxidants, electrolytes, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber.

Our Friend Sorrel


We discovered sorrel a few years ago when we saw an organic variety at a local farm store and we planted it in our garden.  It is related to rhubarb and contains the same biological compounds that give it its tanginess.

The variety we grow is lemon raspberry and it so fresh and delicious it brightens any salad or other dish that calls for greens.  It is so hearty, it even weathered the recent frost here on the central coast.

If you add fresh shredded sorrel to a salad, it can replace the need for lemon or salad dressing.  When cooked, sorrel can be used in soups and sauces, even sorbet with fruit (strawberries would be good).

Nutritious Delicious Squash


There are many varieties of squash that grow in different shapes and sizes.  They are so versatile, you can eat everything from the blossoms to the seeds, particularly, in the male squash. How can you tell if its a male blossom or not?

Up Your Nutrition & Your Budget

Vegetable Peels

There are so many alternative ways to be sustainable…and what better way to be sustainable than practicing it with good health and budget in mind.

Next time you’re making a meal, think twice before you decide on throwing out the skins, stems, peels or leafy tops of your fruits and vegetables. You can actually power up your diet by using them as healthy extras to add to your favorite recipes.  By adding these ingredients, your meals will provide a lot of extra nutrients while adding that extra meal/day to allow you to  stretch out your food budget .

Try these tips that we do everyday…

Up Cycle Your Food Scraps

Up Cycle

It is easy to up cycle some of your food scraps.  Several odds and ends you might toss can be re-grown into more food.

Try to up scale with the following foods…