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Oh So Sweet Stevia!


Sweet, sweet stevia!  This natural, no calorie, sweetener sounds too good to be true. So, we’re very excited because we just planted some stevia plants in our raised bed garden and stevia seeds in our hot house for the next succession of plants.

DIY Dry Organic Herbs


We at Cambria Soup Company enjoy “do-it-yourself” projects because it allows you to appreciate the things that “magically” ens up in grocery stores today. So, rather than purchasing your next batch of dry organic herbs, perhaps you can try  making our own organic herbs at home.

Fortunately, drying your own organic herbs is easy.  Herbs have very little water content so you can start drying your herbs as soon as you buy or harvest them.  Your fresh dried herbs will also taste better because they will not have been stored on a shelf for several weeks (although you could do that too and they would still be fresher than the store bought version).

You can tell when your herbs are ready to be store when your herbs can easily crumble.  We recommend leaving some of the dried herbs whole to benefit from their essential oils and flavors.  Store in airtight jars and away from direct light or heat.


Surprising Uses of Herbs in History

HIstorical Herbs

We use fresh herbs in our recipes for many reasons.  They taste great, provide nutritional and health benefits and are easy to grow!

For thousands of years, herbs have been used for medicinal and other purposes that may surprise you…

Fresh vs. Dried Spices


Same spices, different end results. Some chefs swear only by the freshest spices to really give the freshest flavor while others believe in the concentrated goodness and diversity of dried spices. We found a great article that breaks down the differences and how they can apply to the right dishes to get the most out of the spice….and who doesn’t want the most out of life?