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Oh So Sweet Stevia!


Sweet, sweet stevia!  This natural, no calorie, sweetener sounds too good to be true. So, we’re very excited because we just planted some stevia plants in our raised bed garden and stevia seeds in our hot house for the next succession of plants.

Composting is great but re-using is even better! This time with Apples…

Apple Tea - Cambria Soup Company

We do love our composting for all the wonderful benefits over the T word.  What do we love even more?  Re-using!

It’s amazing when you discover that new idea to re-use something; like that feeling of seeing that hooziwatsit that you should of invented but you instead we all say.. “Why didn’t I think of that?”  Good things our friends over at theKitchn are smart friends and suggested this great use for apple peels!