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10-year-old Entrepreneur Runs a Business Collecting Recyclables on His Bike


This article has everything we hold dear!  Small business, check; recycling, check; staying local, check; using sustainable transportation, check; giving to charity, check; adorableness, double check!

Up Cycle Your Food Scraps

Up Cycle

It is easy to up cycle some of your food scraps.  Several odds and ends you might toss can be re-grown into more food.

Try to up scale with the following foods…

Stock vs. Broth

Broth in Jars

Ever wonder what the difference between stock and broth is?

USDA Finalizes New Microloan Programs for Small Farmers


Yay!  More money for more small farms!  We’re hoping more pop-up around Central California so we can eat all that fresh new food!

French vs. Sourdough Bread


When it comes to bread we enjoy anything that comes in baguette or loaf form. But the other day, someone asked what the difference is between French and Sourdough bread…and if you ever wondered the same, allow us to explain…

Fresh vs. Dried Spices


Same spices, different end results. Some chefs swear only by the freshest spices to really give the freshest flavor while others believe in the concentrated goodness and diversity of dried spices. We found a great article that breaks down the differences and how they can apply to the right dishes to get the most out of the spice….and who doesn’t want the most out of life?

Gumbo Vs. Jambalaya


Gumbo and jambalaya are famous dishes native to Louisiana.  They are both rich, flavorful, one-pot Cajun or Creole dishes that use common, sensible kitchen ingredients, reflecting the Louisiana tradition of not letting anything go to waste.

Those who are unfamiliar with Cajun or Creole cuisine may not realize the differences between the two.