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Looking to the Sky for Our Food

Vertical Farming

I remember watching the “Zeitgeist,” where the idea of vertical farming was first brought to my attention. Urban greenhouses were portrayed at a large scale where fruits and vegetables were grown in huge buildings offering local produce to people living in urban areas. Honestly, it’s just amazing to see the idea coming to life…


Reusing Cooking Oil Stays Local to Power County School Buses

Cooking OIl School Bus

Cooking Oil=Fuel? Biodiesel is a brilliant idea of reusing cooking oil as fuel. Pitt County schools are doing it right by powering their school buses and keeping it local. We definitely love and encourage the idea of sustaining what you already utilize by creating other uses for them. We call that another step away from the dependency on oil…

9 Ideas for Oils to Drizzle Over Soup

Oil Soup

It’s amazing how many uses of natural oils there are out there and what better way to use it for than soup! It makes every soup so elegantly beautiful and adds such depth of flavor. So next time you want your soup dressed to impress, check out these 9 ideas for oils to drizzle over your soup.

In Case Prop 37 Doesn’t Pass, We Have Fooducate!


The other day I think we took about a good 15 minutes trying to decide on what soap to buy at New Frontiers because we had to look up every ingredient that we weren’t too sure of. Being able to control what goes in and on our body is really important to us, hence why we were stoked Fooducate made our lives that much easier.

Screen shot 2012-10-24 at 10.30.24 PM

Photograph by José Picayo

Dumping Iron into the Ocean, to Save the Ocean?

Algae Bloom

Dumping iron into the ocean? Apparently, one man thinks it can create a massive algae bloom,  where eventually the algae absorbs carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis.  Seems legit?  Nope.. we’re still skeptical.

The Battle of the Seeds Reach New Heights

Monsanto Seed Battle

Can you imagine getting new seeds and before you can even get excited to plant,  in front of you is a strict terms-of-use agreement to sign?